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Cheese making course

Traditional Cheese Making in Campania Region

  • The territory and its farms

    Our family history ......
    Cow or buffalo production area
    The curd, spinning, processing ...
  • Traditional caciotta Sorrentina and pezzottella Massese (traditional)
    Mozzarella, Treccia (braid), Bocconcini (balls)
    The caciocavallo,provoletta, Ricotta,
    Provolone Del Monaco D.O.P.

  • Theoretical and practical course
    Tasting with local wine, water
    Recipe and Diploma
    Price: € 75.00 per person

Torna alla scuola di cucina
La mozzarella
I bocconcini
La treccia
we are all one family!
Few steps to learn how to make mozzarella ...

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Messages left by our clients

Wichita, Kansas I 11-02-2019

Wichita, Kansas I 11/02/2019
This class has inspired me to incorporate private cooking classes into more of my travel experiences. Hands down, one of my favorite things about Italy was this class. This set the bar for what to expect from Italian cuisine! The class was fun, but really it was so informative and I took away from it! I even made the dishes at home and they turned out fantastic! I loved the husband-wife dynamic of the cooking class. Chef William was very entertaining and kept everyone on their toes. You HAVE to do this, or you are seriously missing out!!!

Calvari Canada  11-02-2019

Calvari Canada 11/02/2019
Cook like a chef Italiano

The owners have a passion for Southern Italian food, and love to share their expertise. My wife and I make our own pasta and have for years. However, we picked up many new techniques, and the Chef simplified the entire process. We made bruschetta, one of the best we have ever tasted. Also tagliatelle with lemon sauce, and chicken scaloppine in a tomatoe sauce. He schooled us on the importance and use of high quality ingredients, and not to over use garlic. This was a very informative, fun, and highly worthwhile evening. Worth every euro!

stephen 22/12/2016
This cooking course was the best course I have ever taken in Italy and maybe ever. I first took the Italian menu course. I can honestly say that from the buschetta to the chicken with white wine an d tomato, the food was very delicious. I then took the ice cream course and chesse course and both of the course were excellent. I took a class in sorbet at carpingini in bologna and this class gave me more information, on how to make both gelato and sorbet in your home. Also I think these course are beyond an excellent value when you consider the price, which I would pay double for these courses. However they tend to be lower than the course I paid for similar classes. Overall, my time here was excellent and I will come back here again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Melissa Moritsch 25-07-2014

Melissa Moritsch 25/07/2014
My sister and I had a wonderful time ate the cooking school and staying in your lovely B&B!
Thank you William and Maria and all your staff!
I highly recommend this experience in Bella Sorrento!!
Grazie mille!!

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