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Cheese making course

Traditional Cheese Making in Campania Region

  • The territory and its farms

    Our family history ......
    Cow or buffalo production area
    The curd, spinning, processing ...
  • Traditional caciotta Sorrentina and pezzottella Massese (traditional)
    Mozzarella, Treccia (braid), Bocconcini (balls)
    The caciocavallo,provoletta, Ricotta,
    Provolone Del Monaco D.O.P.

  • Theoretical and practical course
    Tasting with local wine, water
    Recipe and Diploma
    Price: € 75.00 per person

Torna alla scuola di cucina
La mozzarella
I bocconcini
La treccia
we are all one family!
Few steps to learn how to make mozzarella ...

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Messages left by our clients

Jon Rubery 05-04-2013

Jon Rubery 05/04/2013
Hi William (Guglielmo?)
I just wanted to let you know that the experience that you gave us in your cooking school made both my visit and our anniversary unforgettable.
My wife has insisted on me attempting the Bruschetta and the Carbonara (although I have not been brave enough to attempt the woodland dish!).
Also, I thought that you'd like to know that you have changed the course of one of the sixth form boy's life; he has now decided that he wants to take a year out of full time education and has set his heart on spending the time in Italy, absorbing the culture and learning skills at the same time!
Anyway, I just thought that I'd share the fact that the experience was that important to us and that we haven't come home and forgotten it. I have done my best to mention you and your restaurant to as many organisations as possible- hopefully you will see some, off season, trade as a result. At the least, a return visit with my new school when we come (next Easter) is already being planned!
Thanks again,

Anna 04-12-2012

Anna 04/12/2012
5 of us ladies stayed at their B&B, ate many times in restaurant and enjoyed the gelato and limencello many times AND went to Williams 4 course cooking class. NOT one single complaint amongst the 5 of us!! The family and staff bent over backward to accommodate us including Williams wife who walled in the rain, in the dark to guide us to the B&B and even helped carry our luggage. If 5 women of different ages and backgrounds could not find fault....well that tells you something! We are already planning our return trip but will go in May or September . We love William, Maria, Happy, Momma, the 3 handsome gentlemen in the restaurant where re ate at least 5 meals out of the 7 days we were there. Perhaps those who did not appreciate there real old world experience should stay home and hire servants whose only job is to please them and them only. We 5 say 10 stars if we could. We formed friendships because we are real people who do not hold ourselves above others and William and all knew it and reached out to us as well.

Shirley, Massachusetts 04-12-2012
Shirley, Massachusetts 04-12-2012

Shirley, Massachusetts 04/12/2012
We had the best time at class with Chef William. My wife and I were part of a group of 7 that spent from 3-8PM in class and eating our creations. We had a blast, my title comes from one of Chef Williams favorite words (you have to take the class to learn why!). We came home with recipes for everthing we made and have already made the bruschetta that was a HUGE hit. This is a hands-on class and William makes the time fly, he's so talented you can't help but pick up some good culinary tips. Besides the cooking Wiliam and his wife have a shop the produces the best gelato, we would stop by at some point most every day to say hi and sample some of his sumptuous deserts and gelato. Highly recommended!

Howard Smith 13/08/2011
We had a brilliant time in Sorrento and enjoyed some fantastic evenings sat outside drinking your wonderful wine! Thanks!

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